Download the Marcellus Money datasheet here

The above link downloads an Excel file that contains the Marcellus Money lobbying and campaign contributions database.

 Information for use of the datasheet


The first tab at the bottom of the file, “ReadMe,” explains the column names for the following tab showing all contribution data, named “Data 2007.1-2016.3.” This tab can be filtered by clicking the small grey “down arrow” box in each column and making selections. Multiple filter preferences can be combined.

Tabs “A”-“C” show useful summaries of this contribution data. They are pivot tables, and so can be “expanded” by double clicking inside on of the cells. For example, to see all contributions given to Corbett, Tom in 2012, double click in cell H5 and the spreadsheet will create a new tab at the bottom with all unique contributions to Corbett from that year.


Please see the third tab, “Lobbying”