Since 2007, the gas industry has given/gave $11.3 million to political candidates, committees, and parties in Pennsylvania

Between 2007 and 2018, candidates for the state House received $3 million, while state Senate candidates received $2.5 million from fracking interests. Candidates for statewide office received $3 million. The remaining donations went to party committees, other PACs and other offices, such as candidates for local judgeships.

This election cycle — which includes data from 2017 through the beginning of June 2018 — fracking interests have donated $1.3 million to candidates for state office in Pennsylvania.

Which natural gas companies
are funding your legislators?

About this Data

This data comes from Marcellus Money, a project of Conservation Voters of PA. Marcellus Money has tracked campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures from the natural gas industry since 2007. Conservation Voters of PA believes that good environmental laws can only come from good environmental lawmakers, and it is critical for the public to know whether their lawmakers are financially beholden to the drilling industry.