Update released October 3, 2016: Download the press release here

 $59.36 million spent lobbying Pennsylvania officials

$9.5 million contributed to Pennsylvania candidates and PACs

The 2016 Cycle 3 Marcellus Money update is available. Download the dataset and read the main findings.


The Marcellus Money project has been tracking the natural gas (or “fracking”) industry’s campaign contributions and lobbying expenditures in Pennsylvania since 2009, when the Marcellus Shale natural gas boom was moving into high gear. Pennsylvania was the center of public and private excitement and scrutiny over fracking practices and land leases, and the Marcellus Money project found that industry political action committees (PACs) and executives were continuously contributing to the campaigns of Pennsylvania candidates.

This update to the project covers 2007 Cycle 1 – 2016 Cycle 3. 

Marcellus Money is a project of Common Cause Pennsylvania and Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania.